Sunday, October 27, 2013

Indie brands part 1

Long time no see! Today I will be doing the first of several reviews of different indie brands of polish and polish related items. The first brand is underground cosmetics. I'll be reviewing her polish remover and top coat. 

First the moisturizing polish remover called vanish. I used it to take off glitter polish. I must say I'm impressed. I've bought moisturizing polish remover and hated it. It was greasy and didn't work. Vanish is so much better. It removed the glitter polish effortlessly. It smells yummy, because its scented. And it's not greasy at all but my nails are not dried out as happens with regular acetone polish remover. 

Next up is underground cosmetics top coat. I'm a seche vite girl. Nothing else has ever held a candle to it and I've tried others. That being said, I'm now a convert to this top coat. It's not thick. Low odor. Great shine. And what makes it better than seche is I have no tip pull even though it dries just as fast as seche.  

Bottom line is you should for sure try underground cosmetics. She is a super sweet lady and has amazing products. Check out her shop and support your small business owners, buy indie.

Monday, April 29, 2013

About face!

Maybe beauty does go deeper than skin but it helps if you feel beautiful on the outside. Taking care o my skin never really was top on my list of important things to do each day. Even now that my skin is starting to show its age a little I'm bad about taking care of it. I still sleep in my makeup and sometimes forget to use my SPF and moisturizer combo. There is one thing that I do love to do enough to remember and that is a deep clean mask. Right now I switch between a mud mask and a charcoal mask from origins. Both make my skin feel amazing and the one from origins really gets the nasty out of my pores. I've been wanting something better. One day while glued to Pinterest I found a pin about a mask that is better than amazing. It pulls all the nasty out of your pores, you only have to put a very thin layer on, and once dry you can see where the bad spots are on your face. I was in. Then the research was on. I discovered that the company who makes this mask only makes two. That's it. They don't make anything else, just two kinds of masks. The down side to this mask is that it costs sixty dollars. However, with a little extra research I got mine for forty dollars. Still a lot of money for a mask but if it works as good as they say it does it may be worth it. I found mine on amazon.

So the test begins. Lets start with the smell. It smells sort of minty. Nothing too strong though, so I like that. It has a very thin consistency with little bits of stuff in it. It's easy to put on. Since its so thin and you only need a thin layer I didn't get any under my nails like I normally do, which I hate. Once it was dry my face felt tight, even though there is such a little amount on my face. I could see my bad areas as I had read would happen. Wash off was super easy. No rubbing or scrubbing.

Now for the after. My face does feel smoother and my pores seem smaller, they also look cleaner and my face seems brighter. Now I'm not sure if this is because it works or because I want it to work. I hope it is actually working. I'm going to start doing this mask once a week for maybe a month and the do another blog on it. As an aside my honey wanted to try it on just his nose. Once it dried you could see that his nose is his major problem area. After he cleaned it off he was not impressed. Said there was still stuff in his pores. That started me on the whole stop picking at your face thing. And one final thing about this product is that you can use it as an overnight spot treatment.

The pics you see are of a before mask, right after applying it, close up of bad spots after it dried, after its dried full face, and finally after I washed it off. Pics were taken in the same room with the same lights on.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's not just nails!

Warning: the following content is not nail related.

I own a grand total of two lipsticks. I love both but one was bought on accident and the other was bought back in 2004 and I love it so I refuse to get rid of it till I can replace it with a new one. I don't really like lipstick. It's very rare that I find a shade that looks good on me, hence the nine year old tube sitting in my bedside table.

What I really prefer, I'm addicted to, is lip gloss. I own probably twenty lip glosses. Tubes and pallets. For me, I never have a problem finding a lip gloss that is a good shade on me. It sparkles, and it makes me feel all girley. There is also one advantage that lip gloss has over lip stick. Plumping. See I have what most of my family loving refers to as chicken lips. In other words, I have thin lips. Oh how I have longed for fuller lips ski can sport some red lip stick. But no, that dream will never happen, mostly because I'm too scared of needles. That is where lip gloss comes in. It's sparkly shinny lush gloss alone can make lips appear fuller. Add to that, the plumping glosses and at least my lips don't look like I drew a line on my face where my mouth goes.

Plumping gloss works because it normally has some sort of menthol product in it which causes your lips to swell just a tiny bit making them appear fuller. I'll be honest here, although I love the fact that some of these plumping glosses actually work, I really love them for the tingle they give to my lips. If it works or not, if it tingles I love it.

But are there any out there that really do work? Sure there are. I love buxom lip gloss because my lips look full and pouty, it tingles, and its not sticky. I used my entire tube in like two weeks. Another great one is physicians formula. I've only found it at cvs even though other places sell the brand, the plumping is hard to find. It's glossy, shiny, tingles, and does give me a good pout. However, it smells funky and at my cvs they only have clear and two colors. I've tried others. Hard candy has one but while I love the color it doesn't really plump or tingle.

If you prefer your lips to not tingle but want a pout try using a lighter gloss over your lip stick or another gloss. Just use the lighter one in the middle of your lips. Gives the illusion of a pout with out the tingle or price tag of plumping gloss. Basically just do what works for you. Play with colors, try something new, and finally gloss on my fellow lip gloss lovers, gloss on.

The pic below is of my physicians formula right after I put it on and then about twenty minutes later. It may smell bad but it is still my to to gloss till I get my hands on some more buxom.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Work, mom, organize!

Sorry it has been so long since I have wrote. I got a promotion at work, to manager, and life has been pretty crazy ever since. So as a quick post, here is something I found yesterday on Instagram and want to share with y'all. It's called nail polish book. It's an app on the iPhone (not sure if android users can get it) and its only purpose is to help you organize your polish collection.
I love this app for several reasons. It has many ways for you to search through your collection. You can search by name, shade, brand, or even collection. You can take a pic of the polish and see it when you search. It's super easy to add polishes. It also has a notes section for each polish so you can put where it's stores making it easy to find the polish you want. Plus, when your out and about you could use it to show a sales associate the color you want or show off your collection to your friends, neighbors, that cute guy you had a crush on on, that snobby girl who pretends to like you but secretly hates you because she thinks she is better than you. I love talking about my polish collection and nails with anyone who will listen to me but now I can show them my collection.

In the end it's really all about what works to help you be organized and get stuff done quick. For me, this app helps.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Holo Techno Oh No

This is my first official blog post from my computer! I'm really excited because it is so much easier to blog on a computer than on my phone. Except for the part where my phone will correct my poor spelling. That part was awesome. The hardest part has been trying to figure out how to connect my iPhone 4s to my Windows run computer. Did I mention I am not a techno minded person? Cause I'm not. Anyway, this post is all about the wonderful art of franken polish. What is franken polish you ask? A franken polish is a nail polish that is home/ hand made. You can take some of your existing brand name nail polishes and mix them to create a new color. Take a clear polish and add powder eye shadow to create a polish that matches your favorite eye shadow. Or, my personal favorite, buy a bottle of base from a craft company, I use tkb trading. Then buy some glitters, pigments, dyes, powders, to add to your base. TKB trading sells two types of base polish, one for pigments and one for glitters. I prefer the one made for glitters just because I started out using glitters and it works great for pigments and powders too.

Starting out making polishes that are clear with glitter is the best place to start. You can mix different glitters to make your own unique polish. Take inspiration from some of your favorite things. My latest collection was inspired by the book I'm currently reading. It is important to note that you have to use a certain type of glitter. When looking for glitter, you will want solvent resistant glitter. It won't melt in the base, won't curl when you apply it, and the color won't melt off in the base. I've had this last happen and although I loved the end result, I hardly ever use the polish because some of the glitter curls after it all dries. I get my glitter from girly bits.

Once you are comfortable and have a good idea of the polish making process, you can now graduate to the many powders, effects, and colors. Trust me when I say that there is an endless array of possibilities. So many different effects are possible. Not to mention the colors. Jellies, pearls, mattes, shimmery, holographic, mirror, cream. It's endless! I placed an order about a month ago for about twenty different powders with many different effects, jellies in the three primary colors, three bottles of different effects (mirror, holo, and diamond), polish base, twenty empty nail polish bottles, and twenty tiny funnels. Too bad I had to go to work. But when I got home the next morning, I wasted no time in creating five new polishes, all different colors, and all with different effects. So far my favorite is a dusty rosey pink holographic polish I call Into The Ever After. Right now I'm wearing it over OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons.

If you are a polish addict like me, then this is a great next step in expanding your collection. You will have polishes that no one else has. Plus, when someone compliments you on your polish, you can beam with pride and tell them you made it your self. And if your brave enough or business minded, you can sell your polishes. I'm actually thinking about doing a local arts and crafts show next chance I get.

Below, is pictured: Boy Girl Party over a black cream base, a blue shimmery color shifting polish called True Blue, swatches of my latest babies jokingly called the lucky 13,Manage Me over a blue OPI, and my current fave Into The Ever After.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentines day (the not so traditional way)

Seven years I've been with my sweety. Seven years and we are to the point of non traditional romance. Romance for us is being able to sleep in the same bed with out our dd in between us. It's watching tv together or just riding around for no reason listening to music. The traditional romance is long gone for us but what we have now works. That's why for Valentin's day I'm rocking some non traditional love nails. What do most girls love? Diamonds! This is also a perfect time to do a review of my newest baby.

What you see below is nothing short of sex on my fingers. The base coat is wet and wild black creme. The little blue heart is my favorite color china glaze for audry. On top of the black and under the heart is my new baby. Azature black diamond polish. Azature is known for making the worlds most expensive nail polish, $250000 for a bottle! But us mere mortals can buy a bottle that has one real black diamond crushed up in it for $25. Not such a bad price. I splurged on one I found on amazon. When it came in the mail I immediately removed my boring old polish and proceeded to apply the beauty you see on my nails. When I said this was sex on my nails, I ment it. Seriously. It applied like a dream. It's clearish even with two coats which is why I put it over a black, except for under the heart. I literally felt like a rock star wearing this. I wore red lip stick for the first time while wearing this mani. It just had that effect on me.

Now azature has come out with even more polishes. Pink, red, blue, green, and a few others, all inspired by rare diamonds. You can't get these on amazon yet but you can order them from for only $25. I'm planning on getting a few in pink and red and maybe champagne. If you really wanna splurge on a polish I suggest this. You will not regret it. And as azature loves saying, shine bright my diamonds, shine bright.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mommy is roughing it

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been fighting a horrible tooth ache and bad reaction to the antibiotics ( mostly due to the fact I was taking them wrong. Oops.) Anyway, here is a quick post on some new polish I picked up just yesterday at the salon after I got my hair cut. This is the Mariah Carey opi liquid sand set. On my manicure you can see for the base I used stay the night, a black base with red glitter. For the tip of my index finger I used can't let go, a purple base with loads of tiny purple glitter and some larger hex glitter. Ring has the impossible, a fuchsia base with loads of small fuchsia glitter and some larger fuchsia hex glitter. On the pinky is get your number, a blue base with loads of tiny blue glitter and some larger blue hex glitter.

How to describe this polish. It applies like any other polish, but when it's dry it feels like very fine sand on my nails. It's a matte finish but the glitter stays shiny. I really wasn't sure if I would like this or not. I'm a smooth nail kinda gal. However, it's different and kinda cool looking and really has potential for some amazing manis. Shown on my nails is two coats of each color. On the nail wheel is one coat. Should you decide to try out the mini set some things to note. My brushes kept going all wonky and didn't want to go into the bottle right. Also this polish does take a little longer to dry than normal but that may be because I'm so use to using a quick dry top coat.